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Gearbox robotic

Our solutions are simple, robust and functional to automate and speed automatic gearbox with sports in vehicles , equipped with sequential gearbox. Think and designed by passionate people of races and engines. And above all, our solutions are the result of experience and research in the field of competition! For we know that every little improvement increases the overall performance of the vehicle. Our robotised gearbox system is innovative because it consists of few components with size and weight reduced to a minimum. E 'it equipped with all the necessary adjustments to calibrate the best and obtain maximum performance.
The automatic gearbox is adaptable to all vehicles and needs only little effort to install it.


Gearbox robotic

cambio robotizzato


Weight 800 Grams
DC Power supply gives 12,0 a 14,5 V
max Current 10A

Interface buetooth.
Programming with Application VAC 6.6 (Android )

cambio elettronico

VAC 6.6 - kit black slim

Dimensions box: 125 X 65 X 30 mm
Weight (main unit): 185 grams DC Food 12,0 a 14,5 Vpeso total kit 1480 grams
maximum current: 15,5A (stanby 280 mA) Noise < 45 db
Temp. operating: from -10 ° C to + 60 ° C Pressure adjustable from 1 a 10 digital bar
times reg. changed: yes 0.15 "to 0.01"
Max force actuator* 50.5 Kg
* Pistone diameter. 25 mm - corsa 50 mm - stem 10 mm
Buetooth Interface.
Programmazioine with application
VAC 6.6 (Android - iOS)

System Components

- Box in ABS resinato
- Air compressor (no lubrifiazione)
- Air tank with filter
- various actuators
- Solenoid air
- digital Pressure
- Electronic card SMD (PCB multilayer)
- Pipes connecting tires

- linear Actuator (pneumatic piston)
- various cables for external connections
- Paddleshift aluminum gear shift (Optional with carbon blades)

cambio elettronico

VAC icut 2.2 electronic gear

Dimensions box: 50 X 43 X 20 mm
Weight (main unit) 50 grams
DC Power supply gives 11,5 a 14,5 V
Current max 120 mA
Temp. operating da -20° C a +90° C
times reg. changed the 0.25 "to 0.9"

sensore cambio


Dimensions box: 4*2 CM
Weight (main unit): 100 grams DC Food 12,0 a 14,5 V
Temp. operating: from -10 ° C to + 60 ° C Pressure adjustable from 1 a 10 digital bar

price 150 euro


Filtro RPM

VAC Filtro R.P.M.

Dimensions box: 12 X 15 X 4 mm
Weight (main unit) 15 grams
DC Power supply gives 11,5 a 14,5 V
Current max 10 mA
Temp. operating da -20° C a +90° C

Our App

L'app VAC 6.6 which manages the automatic gearbox is necessary for programming via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energie) Robotic control unit VAC second generation for the electronic gear of the gears on engines equipped with sequential gearbox with front couplings.
cambio elettronico


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