VAC ROBOTIC steering wheel shift

Hello to all, today I present the first article concerning our gearbox behind the wheel.
after several years of development I can start writing something , at the beginning of development we encountered various problems relating to the material to be used,
the idea of ​​creating a racing steering wheel gearbox was clear but we did not have all the possible data to create a functional and high-performance product.
once the various components were identified, the development of the control unit began.
the biggest problem was filtering out all the electrical signals coming from the car, not that the most critical ones coming from the ignition coils,
in this case we have opted to use a MOSFET technology to perform the CUTOFF also known as(current size).
our steering wheel gearshift is actually managed by our high-level electronics with bluetooth programming,
the weights are very low ,given that on racing cars a light change to the steering wheel is required to eliminate mass from the car.
what about our steering wheel shift system, certainly we have a continuous development without stopping, and we are always looking for better components in terms of reliability and lightness.
the perfect recipe is not so easy to find as the cars are increasingly updated electronically and mechanically, so we work hard to keep up with the times .
when it comes to changing at the wheel, everything is not always so obvious. I often hear myself said :
a piston with a compressor and a tank would suffice….
here I am saying that in fact it might even be enough , ma…. then we want to talk about strength ,timing of actuator management, a minimum of knowledge of the load losses, knowledge of products, long-term testing with monitoring equipment, knowledge in general of the disturbances caused by the car in the electronic and electromagnetic fields, component usage temperatures, etc. I could talk for hours to explain all the problems that must be solved to create an electro-pneumatic robotised steering wheel gearbox.
many times I am told you know Joshua a person is making changes at the wheel like yours…
it makes me smile, and I think good luck for the development.
VAC ROBOTIC produces steering wheel gearboxes for a living, to have a high-level product it is not possible to create a product by shamelessly copying it ,
it is necessary to start from a project thought, tested and studied.
I hope I have given a good read , soon I will publish a new article concerning our job as manufacturers of gearboxes at the wheel.

greetings to all and I hope to bring you new developments.