The company

cambio robotizzato

My name is Joshua Frisoni, I am a former racing driver Bee.
It was during the years when I ran was born Vac.
The development of my product or our automated gearbox has started well 12 years ago directly on the competition, thanks to my passion for electronics.

I started to develop new technologies in the automatic gearbox, with the help of my brothers
who are engineers.
From a childhood dream remote 12 years, I came to have a product ( our automated gearbox)
patented, high-tech and open a company transforming
my passion into a job.

VAC ROBOTIC Joshua Frisoni
Address: Mazzini street, 45 - 61021 Carpegna (COULD)
Cell phone: 327 6960134
C.F.: FRSGSI84P29I459E
P.IVA: 02665260416
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